Two Makers Embark on a Business Road Trip of a Lifetime by Sandy Rodri Photography

I met Christina Wennstrom of Soap Seas and Kristina of Nanninga of AshaBée Bathworks last month during Dear Handmade Life's Craftcation, an exciting conference for handmade businesses and craft enthusiasts! Christina and I had dialogued for a couple of months about planning a special photo shoot to capture the photos of the new friends who were embarking on two back to back businesses conferences together. Here's some images from our photo shoot. 

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Lisa and Jerry's 5th Wedding Anniversary Photo Shoot at the Ace Hotel and Swim Club in Palm Springs by Sandy Rodri Photography

My sister, Lisa and my bro-in-law, Jerry visited California last week to celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary. They asked me if I would take photos for them during a quick trip to Palm Springs and of course, I said yes! Congratulations to you both wishing you many more happy years ahead!

A baby is born... by Sandy Rodri Photography

I haven't blogged for quite sometime and there's a great reason for it. Late last year I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl, Zara Valentina. Many had tried to describe how motherhood will change you, but you never can quite understand the profoundness until you experience it. My baby has brought an indescribable new height of love, happiness, dedication and strength to my life. 

 Zara, 6 days after she was born.    

Zara, 6 days after she was born. 


Tiffany's Cal state fullerton Graduation Portrait Session by Sandy Rodri Photography

It's been nearly four months since my last blog post. The year has been passing so quickly and has been filled with lots of excitement (lots to announce later). With spring in full swing, graduations are on the horizon. A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to take graduation photos for Tiffany, a senior from Cal State Fullerton (my alma mater). This young lady has  a lot to celebrate. She told me she is the first in her dad's family to graduate from college, an accomplishment that's well worth being proud of. She took these photos as a gift to give to her father. 

Laguna Beach Elopement by Sandy Rodri Photography

I love weddings, especially when the couple getting married is close to you. When my brother-in-law decided that he was going to propose to his girlfriend, Alissa, we all joined forces to help them pull together a wedding in three short weeks. Yup, you heard me in three weeks! We took over their favorite beach for a rogue ceremony in Laguna Beach. Many family members stepped in to lend their talents. Not only did I have the opportunity to photograph the wedding, I also was asked to officiate their ceremony. My husband, Daniel stepped in during the ceremony to take over my photograph duties. It truly was a special day. Enjoy scenes from the day below.


A trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium by Sandy Rodri Photography

One of my favorite experiences from my honeymoon with Daniel, was visiting the Monterey Aquarium Bay. We spent hours watching creatures from under the sea. By far my favorite part was the jellyfish exhibit. Captivated by their fluid movements, I must have taken nearly 100 photos of the graceful creatures. Below is a small sample of my favorite snaps.


A visit to Chichen Itza and YXTA restaurants in Los Angeles by Sandy Rodri Photography

Each year I have the opportunity to lead the PR campaign for AltaMed's East LA Meets Napa, a unique event that celebrates the richness and success of Latino-owned restaurants and vineyards in California and beyond. This year's preview event took us to Chichén Itzá, a Yucatecan restaurant in the Mercado La Paloma to try turkey panuchos served with agua de chaya; cochinita pibil, pork cooked in an underground oven and the restaurant's famed ceviche. We then ventured to YXTA to sample its gringas, similar to tacos made with flour tortillas filled with carne al pastor, Oaxacan cheese, chile salsa and avocado salsa served with a cabernet by Trujillo Wines. Panucho from Chichen Itza 731 735 Trujillo Wine Cabernet