A visit to Chichen Itza and YXTA restaurants in Los Angeles by Sandy Rodri Photography

Each year I have the opportunity to lead the PR campaign for AltaMed's East LA Meets Napa, a unique event that celebrates the richness and success of Latino-owned restaurants and vineyards in California and beyond. This year's preview event took us to Chichén Itzá, a Yucatecan restaurant in the Mercado La Paloma to try turkey panuchos served with agua de chaya; cochinita pibil, pork cooked in an underground oven and the restaurant's famed ceviche. We then ventured to YXTA to sample its gringas, similar to tacos made with flour tortillas filled with carne al pastor, Oaxacan cheese, chile salsa and avocado salsa served with a cabernet by Trujillo Wines. Panucho from Chichen Itza 731 735 Trujillo Wine Cabernet